Artistic Research into German-Language Avant Garde Arts and Literature


This example was submitted by Sarah Pogoda (Bangor University). Verifikton is a creative writing experiment, combining multimedia elements, exploring aesthetics techniques and strategies of the Avant-Garde.


Verifiktion ( = Verifiction) is one of meanwhile about twenty (as of January 2023) virtual venues of the artistic formation Neue Walisische Kunst-Aufbauorganisation  (NWK-AO = New Welsh Art – Pre-Art Formation), which formed under the auspices of the fictitious organization Deutsch-Walisische Freundschaft (DWF = German-Welsh Friendship) in March 2020 in North Wales. All three are explicitly dedicated to the (Neo-)Avant-Gardes, especially Dada and Fluxus. While DWF acts primarily in the spirit of institutional critique the habitus of arts funding and bilateral partnerships, NWK-AO has grown into its artistic operational unit. NWK-AO works multi-medially, i.e. in various genres and media such as happening, manifesto, film, video, graphics, installation. Verifiktion is at the same time virtual representation, documentation, distribution and continuation of the artistic work of NWK-AO.

Inspired by the so-called Fernschreiber (= teleprinter) columns, written by the German action artist Christoph Schlingensief in 1999 on the occasion of his project Deutschlandsuche ’99 (= Finding Germany ’99) Verifiktion started as a reflection and playful continuation of NWK-AO’s multimedia and performative activities, which are integrated into the blog entries through hyperlinks, but soon emancipated into an independent writing experiment. From this, further branches developed, including, ArsenalMagazine, and Kugellager. All of them explore aesthetic techniques and strategies of the Avant-Garde through writing, and at the same time applying them to the research process itself for exploring a new form of research, envisioning a playful avant-garde research, so to speak.

Further examples

This German writing exercise can be explored in the following link: Verifiktion.

This artistic research practice has also informed Pogoda’s own teaching practice, notable in modules such as «Performing German»

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