Decolonising Portuguese language – Featured work


These examples were submitted by Alexandra Lourenço Dias (King’s College London). They belong to a module in Portuguese language in which students were asked to record themselves talking about a word that is important for them in the context of their own culture within a Portuguese-speaking country.

The videos were then uploaded to a website that was used as a pedagogical tool in class.


This assessment was part of the module’s continuous assessment regime, and it was worth 10% of the final mark.

Students were assessed on their oral performance, if they recorded it themselves. Otherwise, they were assessed in their writing abilities, which involved writing an email, providing strict instructions, and explaining the tasks implied in their video.


Students were not only asked to put into practice oral and writing abilities, they were also prompted to think about the words they use in Portuguese in different Portuguese-speaking countries.

Further examples

You can see further examples of this particular assessment on the course’s website: Featured words – Decolonising Portuguese Language.

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