Women’s writing in Latin America: short film

Example 1


This is an example submitted by Zoe Combe, a former student at the University College of London. In this short film, Combe uses Mayra Santos Febres’ Sirena Selena vestida de pena in response to a well-known Judith Butler quote.


The assignment was part of the module ‘Women’s Writing in Latin America’. The assessment of the module was as follows:

  • A 1500 word commentary (40%)
  • A 3000 words essay or a creative response piece along with 1500 word critical reflection (60%)

Combe’s work is an example of the latter.


Creative work allowed students to react to core texts from a practical perspective, as well as engaging with ideas of gender as seen on the course.

Further examples

More examples of this module’s assessments can be found here.

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