German language and podcasts

Example 1

Example 2


Deirdre Byrnes (University of Galway) submitted two examples from their Final Year Legal German course. Students were required to do a podcast about something they learned during their year abroad.


The podcast was worth 10% of the mark; all work had to be between 5 and 8 minutes long. The content of the podcast should be about a subject students had studied on their Year Abroad.

The podcasts were then made available for Year 2 students, in order to prepare them for their Year Abroad and assist them in subject selection.

Students could use Audacity software, which is freely available online and is a very user-friendly recording tool. 


By doing this podcast, students not only got acquainted with a new communication medium (oral recordings) but also got to reflect on what they learned on their year abroad and share their learning with Year 2 students.

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