German Film and different creative forms


This example was submitted by Dr Sarah Pogoda (Bangor University).

Students are asked to creatively explore a German Film in a media of their choice: visual collages, music, a short film, drawing, painting, poetry, writing, installation, animation or other.


Students are instructed to focus on a specific aspect of one of the films discussed in class for their creative exploration – e.g. camera settings, musical score, dialogues…

They need to develop a research question, produce a creative work and write a 400 words commentary on their exploration. It is the commentary that is marked, not the creative work.

The commentary is marked on the following criteria:

  • Relevance: How relevant is the research questions? How relevant is the exploration for learning about the research question?
  • Consistency: How coherent is the reflection on the creative work, how does it engage with it? Does it demonstrate an awareness of epistemic process?
  • Knowledge: How does the commentary demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the film in question, its context and the aspect for exploration?
  • Originality: Does the commentary show original ideas?
  • Presentation: Does the commentary follow academic standards of presentation?


This example shows how students can engage artistically with a foreign film while also presenting relevant research questions and approaches. This combination of commentary + artistic work facilitates their understanding of the subject of study while helping them engage with the content more deeply.

Further examples

Accompanying the video presented in this entry, there is also a commentary on their creative exploration, as follows:

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